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This page is dedicated t​o the Labradors that have blessed our lives and have already crossed the Rainbow Bridge to their reward. We will not be able to tell you in words how much these Labradors have meant to us over the years. With this page we want to express our appreciation for the privilege of living with them for a few years.

Bear's Little Girl....October 1995 to March 2006

Little Girl was born to Beverly in October of 1998 out of a black female that she owned. She was white and all her litter mates were black as night. She became then, and forever, Bear's Little Girl. Space here does not allow us to write all about her, but you should know, that to Beverly and myself, she was one of the greatest dogs that ever lived. She was one that loved and loved, no matter how she felt physically or what her circumstances. Little Girl delivered three beautiful litters to us, one which produced Bear's Little Snowqueen (Snow). Little Girl's bloodline will live on through Snow's puppies and our hearts are warmed each time we see pups that remind us of her heritage. When we lost Little Girl we were devastated, and really were not prepared for the grief that we experienced. We are so grateful for the time and experiences we shared with Little Girl and she lives on daily in our hearts and lives, as any great dog should.

Bear's Little Lucky Bear Locksley.....March 1998 to October 2008

The "Beardog" was a rescue/purchase by Beverly back in 2000 and he became the male backbone of what we now know as Bear's Little Labs. Bear was as faithful, loving Lab you will ever find. He was a retrieving fool and loved to swim, even after you stopped throwing anything for him! Bear had such loving characteristics that he was a perfect match to breed with Little Girl, thus producing our loving Snow. Bear always had a special place in his heart for Beverly because of her special deed to him. He remained a happy dog his whole life! He was special and we always revel in his memory.

Bear's Little Paddington Gold.....May 2004 to December 2007

Paddy, as we called him was a litter mate of Snow from Bear and Little Girl. We had high hopes for Paddy, as he exhibited traits from both parents and his color oh so beautiful. He retrieved great and was a perfect specimen of what we hoped to see in the future of Bear's Little Labs. Paddy would have been great breeding stock, but we lost him unexpectedly in December 2007. We miss him and his great spirit.

Ferrell's Mighty Samson.....August 2001-August2011

Samson was a great Labrador in every respect. Many have heard the story of how Sam came to us from some special friends in 2005. Sam turned out to be a special blessing to us in so many different ways. He sired several beautiful puppies for us and won our hearts over with his loving and gentle spirit. Samson was never the high maintenance Lab as he was just happy to be with you, enjoying your companionship. Samson was a "smiling" Lab, and he passed this on to many of his offspring. We do miss Samson, but our lives were made richer as a result of this special Labrador. We know that he smiles on us today.

Bear's Little Darlin'.....August 2001-June 2014

Darlin' was just that, OUR DARLIN'. We had to give her up on June 7, 2014. As many may know, Darlin' had suffered severe dysplasia and was never a candidate for the breeding program. At almost thirteen, she would still leave her kennel for morning and evening walks. She struggled at the last to get going but her giant spirit was still willing! Darlin' exemplified the Labrador spirit in every situation and will long be remembered by all who knew her, as a sweetheart of the breed. We miss our girl tremendously as do the other guys in the kennel. Absent is that alarm bark when she spotted anything out of place in "her" yard. She did indeed leave a vacuum in our hearts as she crossed that Rainbow Bridge. Goodbye sweetie.

Bear's Little Magnificent Draco.....April 2003-January 2015

Draco was the first Labrador that we acquired together, shortly after our December marriage. Draco was born on April 1st and he lived up to his April fool birthday. As it turned out that he was never used for breeding, but our kennel quickly became "his" kennel. He was very loyal and yet very smart. He help train numerous puppies from litters we had, or a new puppy that we acquired from elsewhere. Draco continued to be a favorite of families that came to see our "other puppies", and he absolutely loved everyone. Draco aged gracefully and you would never know that he was almost twelve by the way he acted, and was ready to "go" anytime that someone mentioned the word. All said, Draco was very special to us, and lots of folks, and his passing has been very hard. We said goodbye to him January 19, 2015 at about 5:30 P.M and our home has had a hole in it since then. He was a great Labrador and we will never forget him. We love you always. Goodbye big boy. 

BEAR'S LITTLE SNOWQUEEN.....May 2004 - August 2017

Snow was a product of our beloved Bear and Little Girl. Little Girl was one of the most intelligent Labs that we have ever known. Bear was probably the best natured Lab that we have also ever known. With the combination of these two, we were fortunate to get the most perfect Labrador that we have come across to this date. We do believe that she has produced some of the finest puppies that we, and our clients have ever had the privileged to be around. She gave us three beautiful litters of puppies and she has now gone to her reward across the Rainbow Bridge. We so miss this beautiful girl......our baby girl, goodbye.

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