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Let's get Acquainted

Let us introduce ourselves; we are Joe and Beverly Campbell. We live in the small community of Normandy, Tennessee. Beverly has been raising Labs since the early nineties. We met in 2001 and Joe shared Beverly's passion for animals and Labs specifically.

We could take up a lot of space here quoting and copying what others before us have written, but we would only add to those in saying that the Labrador is indeed a very special breed of dog. They never cease to amaze you with their feats and surprising you with their antics. One friend once summed it up better than anyone when he said, "they just want so much to please you"!

In 2004 we began putting together a breeding program that we felt would promote the breed AND produce the Labrador that would be suitable for hunting, show or just great companionship. We have worked to this end, and we are grateful for the small successes we have experienced and all the wonderful Lab Lovers that we have had the pleasure with which to become acquainted. It has never been our desire to have "lots" of puppies, but rather quality puppies, and place them in quality homes.​ 

Our Kennel

At the beginning of 2021, we have six girls and four boys in our kennel. All are not breeding stock because of age, etc. We have yellows and blacks. The yellows run the spectrum from white to fox red. BJ is the fox red yellow boy. Yes, he is yellow, just on the dark end of the spectrum. He comes to us by way of Huntfield Labs out of Mississippi. He is a  pretty boy and has produced many beautiful puppies over the last few years. Please visit our "Labs we love" page to get acquainted with all our guys and girls.

The yellows were the backbone of our efforts until we added Flo on the black side, and people have literally fallen in love with her puppies. We have seen many great puppies and an equal number of happy owners leave our puppy house. At almost seventeen years now, many of our beloved boys and girls have crossed the Rainbow Bridge, but their bloodline lives on. We we have had a small success over the years,  and hopefully made a contribution to the breed and happiness to a lot of hearts and homes.

It is our plan to continue raising quality Labs as long as we are physically able and the Lord allows us to be here. We hope to meet more wonderful Lab lovers and send more great puppies to great homes! 

Recent Photos