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         We hope you also share the love for the breed that we do, and that you find our site enjoyable for the whole family. We did design it to showcase our Labradors and promote our breeding program, but we mostly want anyone with the "love of Labs" to be able to enjoy our kennel along with us. We would appreciate very much you signing our guest book when you visit. It is always, and we sincerely mean this, a pleasure to meet and hear from fellow Lab owners and lovers.

          As we near the end of 2021, it is our desire that we are able once again to place healthy puppies in happy homes, be it as a family pet, hunting companion or, as many times happens, both. At this time we are nearing breeding with one and possibly two of the girls. Please feel free to call us at, 931-857-4073, or e-mail us any time at [email protected] concerning our puppies. We do not require deposits in advance, only your sincere desire for a puppy, and would be happy to reserve a special "Bears Lab" for you and your family.

          "Stonehenge, writing in 1873, included the following in his description and scale of points of the Labrador Retriever: 'Symmetry and temperament-the symmetry and elegance of this dog are considerable and should be valued highly. The evidences of a good temper must be regarded with great care since his utility depends on his disposition.'.....the Labrador will eagerly enter ice cold water in Minnesota to retrieve a shot bird; he'll work all day hunting doves in the heat of the southwest....his only reward is a pat for a job well done".....borrowed from the Official Book of the Labrador Retriever, chapter one by Dr. Bernard W. Ziessow.

          We share the above quote because we feel that this opinion of the Labrador is basic to the breed, and whether the dog be a working dog, companion dog, or the family pet, it is essential that they exemplify these characteristics. Do different Labradors have different personalities? Absolutely! How would we like it if everyone were like you, worse yet, like me? We have found that these beautiful animals not only have personality, but somewhere down in that great gene pool they have the ability to love you back, and as a Lab owner friend once said to us, "they want so badly just to please you." Rest assured, you can never out love the Labrador Retriever!+

          It is with all the above thoughts combined, that we attempt to produce puppies that will meet these standards, and at the same time match them to their new owners, who must also meet high standards. We hope that you enjoy our site and we would welcome your comments, both favorable and unfavorable.

Our Original Lucky Bear Locksley aka Bear